Issues That Can Happen While Installing Antivirus Software

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It is very important that you use good antivirus software in your device to protect it from any type of viruses and malware. There are thousands of different types of internet viruses and to keep yourself protected you should always use strong firewall protection. If you face any problems during the installation of your antivirus then it can cause a lot of inconveniences.


What are some of the problems that you can face during installation?

There are problems which can prevent you from installing antivirus in your device. You can check if you face any of these problems.


· Viruses prevent installation – When you have some type of virus in your computer then it can affect the installation process.

· Key is not working – Sometimes the license key keeps showing error and it does not work with the software. It is very important that you activate your antivirus software.


· Internet connection error – Even when you are connected to the internet you can see an error like no internet connection in your antivirus software.

· Files missing problem – You can see problems like files missing in your antivirus installation which is obviously due to antivirus.


How to solve these problems with your antivirus installation?

These are some of the ways which can help you with troubleshooting any type of problems with your webroot secure anywhere antivirus software.


· Check the keyword of the license key again – Sometimes the key does not properly type and you might write capital or short letters. So you have to be very careful while writing these keys in your software. This could help you with a proper installation of antivirus in your device.

· Try reconnecting your computer to the internet – Connect your device to a better internet connection to reach the server. If you do not have a proper internet connection then it can become very hard to register your license key online.


· Reinstall the antivirus software – If you face problems with your antivirus software and see file missing problems then you should first completely uninstall it and then again properly follow all the steps for its installation.

· Uninstall any third-party software – For the installation of your webroot secure anywhere antivirus you should uninstall the software which is not from the trusted site.


Get a new license key from the customer care if your old key is not working. Sometimes the key you bought from the company may have gone outdated. You just have to inform the company about this situation so that they can help in resolving the error.

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